How to Write a Business Article


A business article is a piece of writing about the operation and functions of a company. These articles can be written for a wide range of audiences, including consumers and other businesses. A business article should be concise and factual. It should also highlight the unique value of the company. It is important to know your audience before composing the article. This will allow you to write the article in a style that will resonate with them.

The first step in writing a business article is to identify the audience. This can help you decide what tone and style to use. If you are writing for a general readership, a conversational writing style may work best. However, if you are writing for a business, a more formal style is appropriate. If you are unclear about your audience, you can contact the client to receive clarification.

One of the primary purposes of any business is to earn profit. It can survive and grow only if it is able to generate profit. It has to maintain its assets and incur day to day administrative expenses and manufacturing costs. It is doomed if it continuously suffers losses. It is advisable to invest only in those businesses which have potential for earning profit consistently and steadily.

The next important feature of any business is that it deals in goods and services. Its goods may be either consumer or industrial goods. Consumable goods are consumed immediately whereas industrial or capital goods are used for the purpose of production. Moreover, a business must make efforts to satisfy the needs and wants of its consumers. In this way it can increase its market share and earn more profits.

There is an essential link between profitability and the quality of goods and services provided by a business. When a business provides good quality goods and services at reasonable prices, it can earn more profits. It is therefore necessary to strive for the improvement in the quality of goods and services.

Besides dealing in goods and services a business also employs various support functions like sales promotion, finance, advertising, marketing and warehouse etc. It also has to arrange for the supply of raw materials, machinery and equipment. It is important to use available physical and financial resources judiciously in order to achieve maximum profit. It is also necessary to ensure that there is no abnormal wastage of material.

All types of modern business activities lead to the production and exchange of goods for profit, income and wealth. They contribute to the economic development of the nation by adding to gross national product. Besides this they also play an important role in creating employment opportunities in the country. They also provide valuable source of foreign exchange to the country. The concept of “profit through service” has been introduced recently which differs from the traditional concept of profit only aiming at income and wealth acquisition. The main objective is to create customers and satisfy their needs, wants and demands.